Michele Jimenez

15 facts about Michele

  • I live in a blue house with a purple door.
  • I am American, but I live in Sweden with my Swedish husband.
  • I love to read.
  • I like to pick wild berries and mushrooms. It's therapeutic and fun, like finding hidden treasure. (I've picked mushrooms in the rain, in the snow, in the dark with a flashlight…)
  • My fantasy job is a singer in a blues lounge or jazz club.
  • I like greenhouses. I love the musky smell of damp soil, the quiet stillness, and the vibrant colors of hothouse flowers.
  • Hidden talent: I like to cut paper snowflakes. It's creative yet relaxing!
  • I have camped in the Sahara desert under a thick canopy of date palms.
  • My favorite season is fall.
  • I was a literacy volunteer and taught an illiterate adult how to read.
  • When my elder daughter was 14, she and a classmate raised SEK 30,000 in grants to go to Bangladesh on a school project. (Although this has nothing to do with me, I am a proud mother who likes to brag.)
  • I'm also proud of my other daughter. She has a wonderful spirit and makes me laugh.
  • We have a framed poster of Paul Gauguin's Mahana No Atua (Day of Gods) hanging in our kitchen. When my children were young, their friends wanted to know why we had a picture of "naked people" in our kitchen!
  • I love popcorn.
  • I believe learning is a lifelong experience and knowledge is the never-ending examination and synthesis of information about the world around us.


"Michele is an excellent writer and reporter. She's keeps me informed, meets deadlines, and easily handles both lighter features and technica ltexts. At least as important, she understands business-to-business writing and knows how to keep customers happy while maintaining a high journalistic standard." Bert Menninga, international corporate editor. Bonnier Read more...

15 facts about Michele

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