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Michele JimenezMichele never aspired to a writing career despite her first writing award at age nine, as judged by her third-grade peers.

Her first love was politics and social justice, reinforced through topics she studied as a member of her high school debate team. “We weren’t that good, but it was interesting and fun!” recalls Michele. After earning an undergraduate degree in political science, law school seemed inevitable. But a desire to study something more dynamic led to a master’s degree in public policy and a stint in state government where she worked as a political assistant and wrote research reports.

Over time, however, she realized government reports typically receive little exposure beyond key legislators, their staffs, and lobbyists. While important, “no one ever reads these things!” Ready for adventure, Michele made a life-changing move to Sweden in 1990 and embarked on a teaching career on everything from executive English to high school algebra.

Michele’s work life took another turn when she was asked to produce an internal newsletter for one of Sweden’s largest international corporations. She later assumed editorship of the company’s internal magazine to managerial accolades: “Michele, I envy your ability to cut right through and make it better!”

Boosted by such praise, Michele decided to quit fighting her destiny and become an independent writer specializing in corporate news and promotional articles for international companies and organizations. She explains, “I write about the everyday challenges employees face in developing and bringing a product to market as well as the product’s effect on the organization. People want to be involved in their companies and know that their work is important and makes a difference. It’s what keeps them going.

“I like presenting information people need to do their jobs better. There’s an element of teaching in writing, and I find it deeply satisfying when a reader says ‘thanks for the article – it was clear and very helpful.’ Information is power, and empowered, satisfied employees are the key to successful companies.”

Michele is also fluent in Swedish.


Michele Jiménez hails from the U.S. state of Minnesota. But in a flight of fancy that most certainly caused her Sweden-born forebears to turn in their graves, she moved to their ancestral homeland in 1990 where she currently resides. Michele has worked as a political aide, public policy analyst, management consultant, high school teacher, language coach, and, most recently, corporate newswriter.

“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.” – Eartha Kitt

"Michele is an excellent writer and reporter. She's keeps me informed, meets deadlines, and easily handles both lighter features and technica ltexts. At least as important, she understands business-to-business writing and knows how to keep customers happy while maintaining a high journalistic standard." Bert Menninga, international corporate editor. Bonnier Read more...

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